Animal Friends Charity Review 2020


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Some positive steps in a challenging year ...

When 2020 begunwe had no way of knowing

As part of our partnership with the Thin Blue Paw Foundation, we are now actively involved in promoting the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill; a legislation that will

how important our contribution to the improvement of animal welfare would be. The need to provide support to vulnerable, mistreated, injured and endangered animals has always been of the upmost importance to Animal Friends - it was the principle on which we were founded over 20 years ago - but the devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world has made the support we give even more critical. This year, we have focussed our time, expertise and financial support on helping over 165 charities at home and abroad as they have struggled in the wake of coronavirus and the detrimental impact this has played on their ability to fundraise. We’ve given back over £1million this year, supporting a variety of animal charity needs from funding food and vital repairs through to conservation of endangered species. We’ve assisted campaigns to rehome pets that had been overlooked for years, assisted with establishing a new national charity that provides funding for retired police dogs to cover their vet costs, and supported large and small organisations across the world to build awareness of their important work through our digital platforms.

help serve justice to those that seriously injure animals and, hopefully, deter others from committing some of these atrocities in the future. A campaign that you will see Animal Friends push even further in 2021. In total, we’ve now donated over £5.6million to animal welfare and conservation charities around the world, helping to protect some of the most vulnerable animals, from domestic pets to exotic sea creatures and almost everything in between. As you can see, animal welfare really is at the heart of everythingwe do at Animal Friends Insurance.

You can read more about all of the different charities that we have supported in 2020 here.

...animal welfare really is at the heart of everything we do at Animal Friends Insurance

2 | Charity Review 2020

Looking ahead into the new year, whilst the fallout of the pandemicwill continue to be felt bymany,

Finally, we would like to thank all the volunteers, workers and fundraisers for their dedication to animal welfare both in the UK and across the world, and to all our customers who make it possible for Animal Friends to give more through their support and loyalty. We are all part of something much bigger.

our aim is to givemore and to go further thanwe have before to ensure the care for ourmost beloved pets and protection of theworld’s diversewildlife. We believe that every animal deserves a better life andwe are committed to doing all we can to ensure no animal endures suffering or harmas a result of human influence.

Westley Pearson | Managing Director

A note from our Charity Chair, Marion Foster

Thisyear, aswe know, has not been like any other. Animal charities thatwouldnormally

national and international charities,

donating a total of £1million over the year. These monies are continuing to help cover the costs of feeding, vet fees, and general maintenance and upkeep. We are very proud to have been able to help and know that Animal Friends has made a real difference in 2020.

be fundraising to continue theirgood workhave been stifledby the impact of COVID-19, the lockdown restrictions and lackoffinancial support frompublic events. The need to contribute to help with running costs has been our main aim during 2020 and hearing the heart felt stories during this difficult period has made our charity giving programme even more poignant. Even though when we’ve not been able to meet the volunteers and advocates of animal welfare and rescue in person, we’ve continued to reach out to local,

Charity Review 2020 | 3


At a glance ...

International Otter Survival Fund

Friends of Inti Wara Yassi

4 | Charity Review 2020

Four Paws

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation



Just some of the UK charities supported...

Mossburn Community Farm

Thin Blue Paw

Hawk Conservancy Trust

Second Chance Animal Rescue

Margaret Green Animal Rescue

Shark Trust

Charity Review 2020 | 5

Charities supported in 2020 Almost Home Dog Rescue Amphibian and Reptile

Gracies Cat Rescue Greatwood Charity Greyhound Gap Grinshill Animal Rescue

National Animal Welfare Trust, Hertfordshire Newbridge Cat Rescue and

Shetland Pony Welfare Trust Sibes & Sled Dogs Husky Welfare Ltd

Conservation Trust Angel Small Paws Dog Rescue Angels for Animals Foundation

Rehoming Centre Nibbles Rodent & Rabbit Rescue NOWZAD Nuneaton & North

SNORS Soi Dog South of Scotland Wildlife Hospital SPANA Spaniel Aid Spirit in Mind Stray Cat Rescue

Harper AspreyWildlife Rescue Hart Wildlife Rescue Centre

Hatties Hedgehogs Hawk Conservancy Hedgehog Helpline Help Street Cats and Dogs

Animal Rescue and Care Animal SOS Sri Lanka Animals Asia Animals In Need Northamptonshire Avon Riding Centre Birmingham Dogs Home Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary Blind Dog Rescue UK Blue Cross Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabilitation Brent Lodge Bird and Wildlife Trust British Divers Marine Life Rescue British Hen Welfare Trust Brooke Hospital  for Animals Butterfly Conservation  Cat Chat Cats Protection Cinnamon trust Companion Paws Coppershell Farm sanctuary Cornwall Seal Group Cuan Wildlife Rescue David Shepherd Wildlife  Foundation

Warwickshire Equestrian Oak Tree Animals Charity Oakwood Dog Rescue Oldies Club Orangutan Appeal UK Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary PACT Sanctuary Painted Dog Conservation U.K. Pan Eco Pawprints Dog Rescue PAWS Care and Rescue UK PAWS Porthcawl Pet Blood Bank UK Phoenix Bird of Prey Rescue Prince Fluffy Kareem Problem Parrots Rain Rescue Raptor Foundation Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary Roleystone Horse and Pony Sanctuary Roxie’s Rescue RSPCA Ashley Heath RSPCA Bedfordshire North Branch RSPCA Cotswolds RSPCA Hillingdon RSPCA Millbrook RSPCA North Somerset Branch RSPCA Rushton Dog Rescue  Ryedale Dog Rescue Safe Haven for Donkeys Sandbach Animal Rescue Society Sea Life Trust Limited Second Chance Animal Rescue Secret World Wildlife Sharks Trust

Suffolk Owl Sanctuary Sunshine Cat Rescue Teckels Animal Sanctuaries The Brooke Hospital for Animals The Folly Wildlife Rescue The Greyhound Trust The Hugs Foundation The New Moon Rescue The Nuneaton&Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary The Owl Sanctuary The Rabbit Residence Rescue Thin Blue Paw Thornberry Animal Sanctuary Tigers Tusk Trust Underdog International Universal Bull Terrier Network

Hollyview Animal Sanctuary Hoofprints Miniature Haven Hope Nature Centre Hope Rescue Hopefield Animal Sanctuary Horse Sense Wirral Hounds First Sighthound Rescue HYPS IAPWA Idlewild Animal Sanctuary International Otter Survival Fund Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary K9 Focus

Leicester Animal Aid Linbee Dog Rehoming Little Paws Rescue

Lluest Horse and Pony Trust Lower Moss Wood Nature Reserve and Wildlife Hospital LUOSKO German Shepherd Dog Rescue Mane Chance Sanctuary Margaret Green Animal Rescue Sanctuary Marias Animal Shelter Marine Connection Marine Conservation Society Miracle’s Mission MONA-UK Moorland Mousie Trust Moorlands Dog Rescue Mossburn Community Farm Munchkins Miniature Shetland Rescue National Animal Welfare Trust National Animal Welfare Trust Watford

Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre WADARS War Paws

Wenlo Riding for the Disabled Wetheriggs Animal Rescue Wild Futures Wild Welfare Wildlife Aid Foundation Wildlife SOS Willows Animal Sanctuary Wilton Riding for the Disabled Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Wirral Animal Sanctuary Wood Green Animal Charity World Horse Welfare WWF-UK Koala Adoption Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Dean Farm Trust Dogs for Autism

Equine Pathways UK EverMore Dog Rescue Farplace Animal Rescue Ferne Animal Sanctuary Fetcher Dog Forever Hounds Trust Four Paws Freshfields Animal Rescue Friends of Animals Wales Friends of the Animals German Shepherd Rescue Elite Give a Dog a Bone... and an animal a home

Worldwide charities 

6 | Charity Review 2020

Paws for Thought this Christmas

After everything that happened in 2020, we wanted to do something special for Christmas to support some of the UK’s unsung animal charities. In December, we asked our customers, followers and the general public to help us make ameaningful difference to some incredible charity and community groups who continued towork throughout lockdown restrictions to ensure vulnerable animals remained cared for and protected. Looking after animals large and small, exotic and domestic, covering land, air and water, wild and tame, our 12 carefully selected local and national welfare organisations were given the chance to win a share £78,000 so they could ensure all the animals taken into their care continued to receive sufficient warmth and comfort to keep out the cold, and enough food to go round the stable. Looking after everything from domestic pets to exotic sea creatures, we asked our customers, followers and the general public to help make a difference and vote for the charity they felt was most deserving of the top prize. We were blown away by the incredible response Paws for Thought received and by the time voting closed on 12th December, we’d received over 10,500 votes!

Here’s how the £78,000 was shared...

1 Wildlife Aid Foundation.............. £12,000 2 Moorlands Dog Rescue................ £11,000 3 Friends of Animal Wales.............. £10,000 4 BritishDiversMarine Life Rescue.... £9,000 5 Harper AspreyWildlife Rescue.... £8,000 6 Blue Cross........................................ £7,000 7 NewMoon Rescue.......................... £6,000 8 Mossburn Community Farm........ £5,000 9 Roleystone Horse &....................... £4,000 Pony Sanctuary 10 The Amphibian and....................... £3,000 Reptile Conservation 11 The Owl Sanctuary......................... £2,000 12 The Raptor Foundation.................. £1,000 Thankyou to everyonewho tookpart, your supportmade amassive difference to the lives of theUK’smost vulnerable animals andwildlife thiswinter.

Charity Review 2020 | 7

A Paw-fect way to give back to our canine heroes Total amount donated... £100,000 The launch of the Thin Blue Paw Whywe supported... These extraordinaryanimals dedicate their lives to serving our communities, protecting our loved ones, and keeping ourpolice officers safewhilst on duty. We are honoured to have the opportunity

Foundation couldn’t have come at a more important time. With the tightening of belts to get through lockdown and the upcoming reading of Finn’s Law Part 2 (Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill) in parliament, this new national charity was set up to support the UK’s serving and retired police dogs. Although many people understand the crucial role dogs play in assisting police forces with finding missing people, preventing crime, and protecting our communities, what is not commonly known is after retirement the cost of supporting and caring for an ex-police dog falls solely to their handler or new owner.

to work alongside the Thin Blue Paw Foundation team and help these highly trained, and often decorated, animals in their retirement. After years of dedicating their lives to ensuring our safety, they deserve to receive the best possible care and treatment.

8 | Charity Review 2020

The partnership with Animal Friends makes an incredible difference to the help we are able to provide these unsung canine heroes, from life-saving operations and therapy to treatment andmedication. Their donation has already covered life-changing surgery for one ex-police dog whose owners were struggling to pay for this crucial treatment. “These dogs give everything they have to ensuring our safety, often picking up physical and emotional injuries along the way due to the stresses and strains of policing. “It is only with the support of organisations like Animal Friends and the generosity of the public, that these dogs can look forward to a dignified, healthy and carefree future through the Foundation. Kieran Stanbridge

Charity Review 2020 | 9

Whywe supported... Animal Friends has supported FOURPAWS for some time, helping to promote their numerous campaigns devoted to ending the commercialwildlife trade, bearbile farming, the fur industry, the dog and catmeat trade and animals suffering in captivity. This year, wewere particularlymoved by the incredibleworkFOURPAWS is doing to change howbears are treated around the world. The suffering thesemajestic animals are subjected to is beyondwords. No animal deserves to live that kind of life. Dancing bears, caged in restaurants, beingmilked for bile, orhaving theirpaws removed forChinese medicine; There are nowords to describe the heart-breaking conditions these animals face orhowpassionatelywewanted to help to improve their lives. Visit theirwebsite formore stories:

A Pawsome Cause Total amount donated... £205,000


What the charity does...

FOUR PAWS is the global animal welfare organisation for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need and protects them. FOUR PAWS vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding.

10 | Charity Review 2020

We are hugely grateful for the support Animal Friends has provided over the last few years. Their support has allowed us to continue our work to reveal suffering, rescue animals in need and protect them. As our wild animal rescues are often time critical, urgent funds have been instrumental in savingmore animals and maintaining the species appropriate sanctuaries they now call home. Earlier this year the funds were able to ensure that bears like Frankie and Anya who were rescued in the Ukraine can now life a better life free from suffering (read Frankie’s story HERE ). They have also previously provided funding

towards our sanctuary in Vietnam for our bile bear programme in S.E. Asia. Martin Dale, FOURPAWS UKHead of Fundraising

Charity Review 2020 | 11

Whywe supported... We want to help raise awareness of the importance of shark conservation, help protect these captivating creatures, and safeguard the endangered species of sharks. Over a quarter of the 1000+ species of sharks and rays are at risk of extinction; these mammals are sadly misunderstood yet are crucial for our ocean ecosystems.

Doing Some-Fin For the Sharks Total amount donated... £101,000


What the charity does...

The Shark Trust’s mission is to safeguard the future of sharks. Through various projects and campaigns the Trust has been a leader for over 20 years in taking a sensible line on shark conservation and always placing science at the heart of decision-making.

12 | Charity Review 2020

It’s been great getting to know Animal Friends. And their support has been invaluable. The donations have really helped us, particularly this year during COVID. We’ve been able to stay active, build our campaigns and actually expand our communication and education work during 2020. We’ve got big plans for 2021, with the help of Animal Friends we can reach even further in our efforts to protect sharks. Paul Cox, MD at Shark Trust

Charity Review 2020 | 13

Advancing Conservation Across Africa

Whywe supported...

We are supporting Tuskand theirpartners in their efforts to ensure a future forwildlife in Africa as countless African species are at risk. Their understanding of the importance of building sustainable ecosystems not only ensures that the wildlife is protected; it means that the surrounding communities can benefit from improved access to healthcare, education and work. Tusk’s partners are facing an unprecedented threat to theirwork as the fight against the pandemic has changed everything which is whywe continue to give vital funds to this incredible organisation.

Total amount donated... £102,773


What the charity does...

Over 30 years, Tusk has supported forward-thinking and successful conservation work in Africa to achieve its vision of a future in which people and wildlife can both thrive.

The generous funding from Animal Friends Insurance has made a significant contribution to the investment that wemake

to our project partners working across Africa.


#BigCatLittleCat Campaign to raise awareness of the declining African lionpopulation £10,000 to the COVID-19 Crisis Appeal

Charity Review 2020 | 15

Australia Wildfire Support


Cakes, Koalas and a Caring Team Total amount donated...


I wanted to drop you a note to thank the AFI team for their

generous donation toWWF Australian Bushfire appeal and for the handsewn joey pouches. It really has not been a happy new year in Australia thus far with the bushfire tragedy impacting the lives of somany people, pets and wildlife - University of Sydney has estimated the number of animals (mostly wildlife) killed in the NSWbushfires to be 800 million. I was very touched to see the thoughtfulness and generosity of the AFI teamand have shared this with

Animal Friends support for Australian wildlife impacted by the bushfires in January.

When we heard about the devastating bushfires in Australia at the start of 2020, we couldn’t sit back and watch, we had to do something to help. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our colleagues through our ‘Cakes 4 Koalas’ bake sale, and with direct funding from AFI, we donated £20,674.30 to the WWF Australia Bushfire Emergency Appeal. Not only that, our colleagues also dedicated their own time to knit, sew and cut over 50 joey pouches to assist with the rehabilitation of animals left tragically orphaned by the bushfires.

the wider PetSure team. Thanks, fromPetSure

16 | Charity Review 2020

We really appreciate all your kind compassion for the koalas, and all the wildlife that will be affected by these fires. We couldn’t be doing what we do without the support that we’re receiving for this devastating issue, and we are very grateful! WWF

Charity Review 2020 | 17

Overlooked but not forgotten Total amount donated...

Whywe supported...

Why we supported: We believe that every animal deserves a better life, regardless of their breed, beauty or age. That’s why in February, we partnered with Margaret Green Animal Rescue to share the stories of the animals that had spent the longest time in their care, with the hopes of helping some of the most overlooked pets find their forever homes. We also gave £35,000 to the charity to assist with the upgrade of their community facility for visitors and staff, and their dedicated horse rehabilitation space.


What the charity does...

Margaret Green Animal Rescue was founded in 1965 to offer care, respect and rehabilitation to animals that have found themselves homeless, neglected, mistreated or abandoned. Finding forever homes is at the very heart of what they do and before every animal leaves for their new home, they are vaccinated, microchipped, treated against worms and fleas and neutered. Margaret Green Animal Rescue cares for over 1,200 animals each year across three centres, including cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens, horses and sheep.

18 | Charity Review 2020

We are thrilled to be supported by Animal Friends Pet Insurance. The donation of £35,000 will be used to help fund two long overdue projects at our Church Knowle Rehoming and Visitor Centre in Dorset. We are incredibly grateful for the donation and it has been a pleasure working with the Animal Friends Pet Insurance team. They have hugely benefitted the lives of animals in our care and the community. Jazmin House, Fundraising and Marketing Manager

Charity Review 2020 | 19

Closer to home ...

Wilton Riding for the Disabled



We donate to amazing national and international charities but we alsowant to have a positive impact on the charities, wildlife and community closer towhere it all started in Amesbury, Wiltshire. Here are some of the many causes we have been able to support in our local area. Hawk Conservancy Trust Andover £10,000 Hawk Conservancy Trust works in the fields of conservation, education, research and rehabilitation of birds of prey at home and abroad. As part of reaching onemillion policies, we ran a competition on our Facebook page to let our followers vote between 10 animal charities to receive a donation fromus. Hawk Conservancy Trust was one of the charities towin £10,000! With the lockdown and the centre being closed, donations like this are vital to allow the charity to continue their important work protecting birds of prey.

Wilton Riding for the Disabled help people, young and old access equine-assisted therapy.

InMarch,we donated £5,000 to the charity as the centrewas forced to close due to the year’s first COVID-19 lockdown. The donation wasmade to help feed the horses in their care. Wiltshire Wildlife Trust £5,500 WiltshireWildlife Trust work to create living landscapes acrossWiltshire by restoring, reconnecting and recreatingwildlife habitats across landscapes forwildlife and people. We have been able to donate to the charity on numerous occasions in the past andwhen the teamapplied for funding to ease the cost of their veterinary bills, wewere there to help. Wiltshire

20 | Charity Review 2020

Funding Application

To be eligible for AFI funding, all you need is to meet the following criteria before applying...

We’re here to help Open to all animal welfare charities around the world, Animal Friends can help you make a positive difference to animals under your care; large and small, at home and abroad. Our online APPLICATION FORM makes it easy for you to apply for funding. Funding is awarded based on three categories...

Animal Welfare Charity or Conservancy Registered with the UK Charity Commission

AFIwill also carryout checks on any charities applying for funding andwe may askforadditional information to support your request. Able to provide information on where the requested funds will/have been spent (including images if appropriate) Happy for Animal Friends to share information about your organisation in our charity newsletters, social media, website and other materials

One-off and/or specific programmes


Emergency and crisis appeals

Charity Review 2020 | 21

Colleague Focus

Ourmission to create a better life for every animal sits at the heart of everythingwe do here at AFI.We truly are a teamof animal lovers and our colleagues are as passionate now aswhenwe first opened in 1998 about helping to improve the lives of animals both here in the UK, and abroad. Our internal schemes, such as ‘Probation Donation’, Match Funding and our ‘Colleague of the Quarter’ recognition programme, enable our colleagues to support animal welfare and conservation charities on every step of their journeywith AFI. Probation Donation... To ensurewe are doing all we can support vulnerable animal and to help celebrate our newest colleagueswho successfully complete their probation period, in September, we launched our ‘Probation Donation’ scheme. This scheme gives our

conservation charity, selectable froma list of charities as voted for by

our Colleague Engagement Champions. Our Probation Donation charities reflect thewide range of causeswe support from local rehoming centres all theway through toworldwide efforts to end animal suffering in captivity. Our charities are rotated bi-monthly, helping us to really “share the love” as far andwide aswe possibly can. Since its launch, we are proud to have donated £750 through this scheme.

Colleague of the Quarter...

As part of our colleague reward programme, we ask our very deserving Colleague of the Quarterwinners to nominate an animal welfare or conservation charity to receive a donation fromAFI. With thanks to this year’s winners, we have donated £1500 each to four local charities over the course of 2020.

colleagues the opportunity to donate £250 to an animal welfare or

22 | Charity Review 2020

amazing charities below, as voted for by our colleagues. Our fundraising efforts are not over yet though - keep a look out for further updates across our social media accounts as our wonderful Walk Around the World team reaches the finish line!

Match Funding Scheme...

What our colleagues care about, we care about. We are proud of the fundraising

achievements of our colleagues and are fully committed to supporting them in their endeavours to raise money and awareness to help change the lives of animals all around the world. Our Match Funding Scheme recognises and rewards our colleague’s dedication to making a difference, with up to £500 per person, per year available. OurWalk around the World Mission...


Every Step Counts In August, a team of 88 colleagues grabbed their

Colleague Volunteering Programme...

trainers, rallied together their families and joined us on a virtual walk around the world. Their mission; to run, walk, cycle or horse ride 24,901 miles “around the world” by the end of the year, raising vital funds for five incredible charities as they went! Our

As part of ourongoing commitment to animal

welfare and corporate social responsibility, 2021will see the launch of the innovative

newplatformthat seeks to unite charities withAFI colleagues looking tovolunteernot just theirman power, but also their specialist skills to helpmeet themanyneeds faced with supporting and developing a charity. This programme is intended to providemore opportunities forour colleague’s tovolunteer and dedicate theirpassion formaking a difference to the betterment of animal welfare and conservation efforts. We look forward to updating you on this throughout the year.

team of “around the world-ers” are now on the final stretch and with the support of funding from AFI, have so far raised an incredible £15,185 to be shared between the five

Charity Review 2020 | 23

We’re not just pet insurance experts. When you join Animal Friends Pet Insurance you’re not only protecting your pet in their times of need, you are also helping to ensure that animals across the world can get the care and support they require. We believe that everyanimal deserves a better life, and sincewewere founded in 1998, we’ve givenvital funds Be part of somethingmore whenyou join Animal Friends!

and support to animalwelfare and conservation charities around theworld, helping to protect some of themost vulnerable animals at home and in thewild. Trusted with over one million dog, cat and horse policies, we are driven by passion, courage and kindness to put you and your pets at the heart of everything we do.

Ifyouwould like to chat about Animal Friends’ charitablework, please contact:

Alexis Dickinson, Head of Content and Communications Animal Friends Insurance, Animal Friends House, No.1 The Crescent, Sun Rise Way, Amesbury, SP4 7QA Thankyou to everyonewho is alreadyworking alongside us to improve animal welfare . We couldn’t have done it alone. Thankyou to all our customers for their support.


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