Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

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Westley Pearson Chief Executive Officer

Tanya Johnson Chief People Officer

At Animal Friends Insurance, we believe that our people are the key to our success. Our values of Passion, Courage and Kind-heartedness cement our shared commitment to our customers and to our colleagues, offering a richly diverse and open workplace. We share a common ethos that through uniqueness and individuality we can thrive, as people, as a team and as a business, and remain incredibly invested in furthering equality and diversity at Animal Friends Insurance. Equality of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, belief or any other outlook are not privileges of the few, they are the right of all. Since our last report, the percentage of women in our Senior Leadership Team has increased to 56% and women outnumber men across the company as a whole, which is unique in an industry that is traditionally very male-dominated. This is an excellent reflection of our culture and values, and although there is always more work to do, I am proud that we are breaking away from that heritage and are on a par with, or exceeding, other companies in our sector in almost all areas. We continue to strive to be a truly diverse and inclusive company where everyone knows they are valued for their individual contribution.

Creating an inclusive culture in which all colleagues have equal opportunity, are treated fairly and feel like they can bring their true selves to work is fundamental to everything we do at Animal Friends. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated, and we remain absolutely committed to providing a welcoming and diverse working environment, which includes reducing our gender pay gap and bonus gap. Companies of over 250 employees are required by the Government to produce an annual report, and we are pleased to publish our second Gender Pay Gap Report produced from a snapshot of our company in April 2020.

Our Colleagues: Total number of employees captured in the April 2020 report – 374.


Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 – Animal Friends Insurance

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