Animal Friends Insurance – Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

About Animal Friends Insurance

Westley Pearson Managing Director

Tanya Johnson Director of People

We are incredibly invested in equality and diversity at Animal Friends Insurance. Our Senior Leadership Team has an almost 50/50 gender split and women out-number men at all other levels of our company, which is unique in an industry that is traditionally very male-dominated. This is an excellent reflection of our culture and values, and although there is always morework to do, I amproud that we are breaking that tradition and are on par or above other companies in our sector in almost all areas. We continue to strive to be a truly diverse and inclusive company where everyone knows they are valued for their individual contribution.

We are absolutely committed to providing a welcoming and diverse working environment here at Animal Friends, and that also includes reducing our gender pay gap and bonus gap. Companies of over 250 employees are required by the government to produce an annual report, and although we have calculated this before, we are pleased to publish our first Gender Pay Gap Report as taken from a snapshot of our company at April 2019.



Our Staff…

36.34 % †

63.66 % †

Amesbury Total Staff: 286

Swindon Total Staff: 84

Other * Total Staff: 3

* Other locations (homebased)

† Gender split of Animal Friends Insurance employees at April 2019


Gender Pay Gap Report 2019 – Animal Friends Insurance

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