Animal Friends Insurance – Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Shaping Our Future

Vision: To create a better life for every animal. Mission: By collaborating with a community of animal lovers, we will: Better understand our customers’ needs and strive to exceed them. Provide industry-leading insurance and first-class pet care. Contribute our time, expertise and financial support to help charities make a positive impact in animal welfare. Our Values: We are courageous. We do something that challenges us and takes us out of our comfort zone. We are passionate. We embrace adventure

Some actions have alreadybeenput inplace, such as introducing benchmarking forall roles, paying everyone within a set range for their role, implementing a robust recruitment policywith structured, competency-based questioning, and applying company-wide consistent bonus criterion. However, one of the most important initiatives is the recent launch of our new values:

These core values are part of everything we do, and help define the evolution of our culture into one where everyone feels they have a truly equal opportunity to progress their career with Animal Friends. As part of redefining our future, we will shortly be rolling out two programmes: leadership and performance management, with a view to analyse gender pay gaps that may arise. With monitoring and analysis, we can feed this into our efforts and ensure we treat everyone fairly and consistently. Additionally, all managers will undergo unconscious bias training. We are also reviewing our flexible working policies with a view to open roles within Animal Friends to new groups of people whommay otherwise not have the opportunity. Overall, we remain committed to improving our culture to one of inclusivity and fairness, and are confident that these measures will continue to reduce our gender pay gap, bonus gap, and make Animal Friends an attractive employer to a diverse group of talented men and women.

in the pursuit of excellence in all we do. We are kind-hearted. We hope to inspire others by doing the right thing and treating others with respect.


Gender Pay Gap Report 2019 – Animal Friends Insurance

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