Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Pay Quartiles

The percentage of men and women employed by Animal Friends within four equally sized quartiles based on their hourly pay rate in April 2020. Pay quartiles are calculated by listing the pay rates for each colleague, from lowest to highest, splitting the list into four equal-sized groups and calculating the percentage of men and women in each. Our pay gap is smallest in the lower quartile, which typically has structured salary levels for roles which are not negotiated on joining the company. The pay gap is largest in the upper quartile which is not uncommon – this in turn impacts our pay gap by bringing both the mean and median female salary down. Although the pay gap is skewed due to employing more women than men, more men are employed in senior positions than in lower positions, which brings both the mean and median male salary up. Some senior roles, such as those in our large IT team are male-dominated, as they are in most companies in the United Kingdom. We would very much welcome more women applying for our IT roles and other traditionally male-dominated roles. Animal Friends is hopeful that the Government will continue to invest in encouraging more women into these fields.


Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 – Animal Friends Insurance

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