Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Bonus Gap Mean Bonus Gap

Median Bonus Gap

46.9 %

0 %

7.8 % more women than men received a bonus

worked. Therefore, a larger number ofwomenworking part-timewill lead to a larger bonus gap, as bonuseswere pro-rated for part-timeworking. Themedian gap –which accounts for extremes at either end – has this year narrowed to nothing, which is significantly lower than the average gap in Financial Services (39.4%).

A slightly higher proportion ofwomen thanmen received bonus pay in the 12months prior to April 2020 at Animal Friends, with 70%ofwomen and 65%ofmen receiving bonuses. At the time of this report, thereweremore men thanwomen in the Senior Leadership Team, and a larger amount of bonuswas paid at the top level, which explains the largemean bonus gap, although this is down significantly on the previous year’s results. Additionally, the bonus pay gaps are not adjusted for the number of hours

At the time of this report, 33women and twomen were part-timeworkers.

Both mean and median bonus gaps have improved since we published our first report last year – with the mean gap reduced by 20.3 percentage points and the median gap reduced by 11.5 points. It is encouraging to see that we have improved significantly in just one year, and hope to continue this improvement. Both our pay gap metrics, however, have widened which is largely down to an increase in recruitment in areas that are traditionally higher paid and male-dominated. Overall, our mean and median gaps remain lower than the Financial Services average. Despite reporting smaller gaps than other financial services, there is still room for improvement, and we are committed to continuing in this direction.

Year on Year Comparison

2019 Mean Bonus Gap

67.2 %

2019 Median Bonus Gap

11.5 %


Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 – Animal Friends Insurance

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