Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

What We’re Doing to Close the Pay Gap

We were very pleased to see an improvement in our bonus gaps between 2019 and 2020. Bonuses are awarded to the majority of the company and applying consistent rules has led to a zero median bonus gap, although the mean gap still remains larger than the UK average. We continue to benchmark all new roles we bring into the business to ensure we are paying rates consistent with the market. Any colleagues who fall under 80% of the market median each year are brought up to this level, providing confidence that, regardless of gender, the correct range for each role is paid.

We are incredibly passionate about providing a culture of fairness, consistency and transparency at Animal Friends, offering a welcoming and diverse colleague environment. Working to improve our gender pay gap and bonus gap is a long-term goal, and key to achieving our equality aspirations is ensuring our initiatives are sustainable. Although we did not see the improvements in our pay gap we were hoping for, we are confident we have planted the seeds of success for the future and have not implemented quick-fix policies that do not tackle the underlying issues. All initiatives put in place are selected because they are best practices that are fully embedded in the culture of our company.


Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 – Animal Friends Insurance

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