Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

Creating an inclusive culture

We care because our people care. We want to nurture the future together, working as a unified team to create a better tomorrow, today. Challenging ourselves and the industry to be better, to bemore diverse andmore inclusive is the right thing to do. And by doing so, we also empower amore confident community of colleagues to better serve our customers and to take our business to new levels of success. Wewant to embrace diversity in all forms and strive to improve how we can best support people of all backgrounds and those with disabilities, to ensurewe are truly inclusive. We have, and continue to put in place new initiatives, frameworks and processes to help us achieve our ambition of attaining gender equality. Last yearwe deployed analytical benchmarking for all roles, paying everyonewithin a set range for their role, implemented a robust recruitment policywith structured, competency-based questioning, and applied company-wide consistent bonus criterion. However, one of the most important initiatives has been the continued embedding of our new values. These core values are part of everything we do and help ensure the evolution of our culture where everyone feels they are accepted and have equal opportunity to progress their career with Animal Friends. Since our last report, we began rolling out two programmes to support our colleagues with their career progression: leadership and performance management. We have had more women than men sign up to the voluntary leadership programmes and we have already seen evidence of them helping to empower women to progress their career. Additionally, all managers have now undergone unconscious bias training. We have also implemented our Agile Working Policy which has increased the level of flexibility our colleagues

have in their roles. It has also opened up roles within Animal Friends to new groups of people who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to apply. Since the 2019 report we have seen the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which had a disproportionate impact on parents who often had to juggle home schooling with work. We were passionate about supporting all our colleagues and accommodated as many flexible working requests as possible, whilst still maintaining a high level of service for our customers. The pandemic gave us an opportunity to reflect on the traditional ideas of how, when and where work should be done, and we are passionate about continuing to learn as we evolve and grow. As we look to improve our gender pay gap and continue the progress on our gender bonus gap we will: Continue embedding our culture, using data to better understand our challenges. Monitor our Agile Working Policy on an ongoing basis to ensure it is delivering on its key aims of improving work-life balance for colleagues while allowing us to reach a more diverse selection of candidates when recruiting. Investigate ways of increasing the number of female candidates we reach with our job advertising, particularly for traditionally male-dominated roles. Overall, we remain committed to improving our culture to one of inclusivity and fairness, and are confident that these measures will continue to reduce our gender pay gap, bonus gap, and make Animal Friends an attractive employer to a diverse group of talented men and women.


Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 – Animal Friends Insurance

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