Animal Friends Insurance – Gender Pay Gap Report 2019

Bonus Gap Mean Bonus Gap

Median Bonus Gap

67.2 %

11.5 %

8.4 % more women received a bonus than men

Bonuses are paid at Animal Friends as a percentage of salary, therefore higher salaried employees receive higher bonuses. The median gap – which accounts for extremes at either end – shows a much smaller gap, which is significantly lower than the average gap in Financial Services (31.2%). Additionally, the bonus pay gaps are not adjusted for the number of hours worked. Therefore, a larger number of women working part-time will lead to a larger bonus gap, as bonuses were paid as a percentage of salary.

A slightly higher proportion ofwomen thanmen received bonus pay in the 12months prior to April 2019 at Animal Friends, with 72%ofwomen and 66% of men receiving bonuses. At the time of this report, there were more men than women in the Senior Leadership Team, which resulted in a larger amount of bonus paid at the top level, which explains the much larger bonus gap.

24 women and 3 Men were part time workers at the time of this report

2018 Median Pay Gap

Year on Year Comparison

9.9 %

Both our mean and median pay gaps have improved year on year – with the mean pay gap reduced by 6.7% and the median gap reduced by 5%. It is encouraging to see that we have improved significantly in one year, and hope to continue this. Overall, our median gap is lower than the UK average and again much lower than generally found in Financial Services. Despite reporting smaller gaps than other financial services, there is room for improvement, and we are committed to continuing in this direction.

Although we are not required to publish our 2018 gender pay gap or bonus gap, we have calculated it in order to view our progress over the course of the year, and identify ways to further improve it.

2018 Mean Pay Gap

22.5 %


Gender Pay Gap Report 2019 – Animal Friends Insurance

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